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This is definitely a fun game that you should check out.


This was a really neat experience. Thank you. I haven't found many western games (weird or wild) out there so far on itch. It was a nice surprise to stumble upon. The gameplay was simple and clean, and I like that the push mechanic can push you into failure if you're too desperate in picking up that second die. 

There are thoughts I have about your layout and design choices for both the print-friendly and the full-color pdf you put together, but since that wasn't the focus of my experience, and not my first area of expertise, I'll withhold them from here. If you're ever interested, I could shoot you an email instead to cover those thoughts.

Since I got through it and enjoyed it enough, I've shared my gameplay experience to my blog, if you want to see what the system you've put to paper has inspired creatively, and check if I gave your idea any justice:

I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience! I am absolutely interested in hearing your thoughts about layout and things of that nature, as I would say that's my weakest area of design right now.


I recently did my first run-through of this game as The Preacher and had an absolute blast.  The system is simple to grasp and understand, the situations varied and numerous enough to keep one entertained for a long time. Though the Dark Tower roots are clear if you know what to look for, it’s open-ended enough to really allow you to go wild and be as detailed or as vague with it as you want to.

My preacher fortunately survived his encounter with the Cowboy. I’m looking forward to playing as The Witch next!

Thank you so much for saying that! It's a game I put a lot of work into, and it's my first time doing any kind of serious layout work as well.

I'm so glad you liked it so much!